Pending Regulation

The Board's Regulation sections are contained in the California Code of Regulations (CCR) Title 16 of Division 18, Articles 1-10. Information on How to Participate in the Rulemaking Process, including information on submitting public comments on draft regulations, is available through the Office of Administrative Law (OAL) website.

The following regulations are pending approval from OAL:

English as a Second Language: Additional Examination Time

Adds Section 1805.2 to Division 18 of Title 16 of the California Code of Regulations. This proposal would allow the Board to grant time-and-a-half (1.5x) on a Board-administered examination to an English as a second language (ESL) applicant, if the applicant meets specific criteria demonstrating limited English proficiency.

For further information regarding new or pending regulations, contact the Board or see Approved Regulations for prior year or recently approved regulation information.