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Enforcement Actions

To promote public protection and consumer education, the Board’s enforcement actions are public record, and the most recent list is published on this page.

To promote public protection and consumer education, the Board’s enforcement actions are public record. Consumers may view pending and prior enforcement actions by looking up a licensee or registrant on the Board’s license verification page.

  • Accusation

    A written statement of charges which shall set forth in ordinary and concise language the acts or omissions with which the respondent is charged, to the end that the respondent will be able to prepare his defense.

  • Citation

    An Administrative action, usually including a fine, for violations of the statutes and regulations enforced by the Board.

  • Effective Decision Date

    The date the enforcement action goes into operation.

  • Probation

    The licensee or registrant may continue to practice under specific terms and conditions.

  • Public Reprimand

    The licensee or registrant is issued a letter of reprimand resulting from an enforcement action or pursuant to Business and Professions Code Section 495.

  • Revocation or Revoked

    The license or registration is revoked as a result of enforcement action rendered by the Board. No practice is permitted.

  • Stay

    The Board or Court has ordered the Board's Decision to not be enforced pending further action.

  • Stayed

    The revocation or suspension is postponed, and the licensee or registrant is put on probation.

  • Suspension

    The licensee or registrant is prohibited from practicing for a specific period of time.

  • Voluntary Surrender/Surrender of License

    The licensee or registrant turns in the license or registration while charges are still pending. The right to practice is ended.

  • Writ of Mandate

    The licensee or registrant has appealed the Board's Decision to the Superior Court.

Enforcement Actions - June 2018

  • Citations
    • Doris Noemi Castro, LCSW 69787
    • Cornelia Concannon, LCSW 6857
    • Christina Dawson, LMFT 92407
    • Allison Gehrke, LMFT 93509
    • Karen Gilmore, LCSW 17718
    • Alissa Nicole Gunsberg, LCSW 27735
    • Shyra Lynn Harris, LCSW 69615
    • Jovan Renee Herron, AMFT 90038
    • Melissa Ann Manning, LCSW 17527
    • Ada I. Reveles, LMFT 90561
    • Cynthia T. Rogers, LCSW 13190
    • Nina Jane Segal, LCSW 70996
    • John W. Shepard Jr., LEP 2598
    • Sherise Natalia Stark, LCSW 28429
    • Emmett Leigh Thomason, LMFT 51786
    • Melvin Williams, LCSW 8895
    • Janice Gail Yee, LMFT 43542
  • Petition to Revoke Probation
    • Rick Allan Cawthorn, LMFT 25386
    • Hosson D. Hooper, LMFT 79118
    • Angela Marie Sarver, AMFT 83853
  • Accusations
    • Nicole Jolan Burcham, LMFT 48360
    • Chelsea Thea Haakmeester, LMFT 97091
    • Marlena Hunter, AMFT 71077           
    • Leah Lynne Miner, LMFT 96856
    • Steven Muir Moffatt, APCC 2551
    • Gregory Carleton Smith, LMFT 18612
  • Decisions
    • Jacqueline Marie Armstrong, AMFT 106964 and APCC 5166
    • Andrea Jennifer Carter, AMFT 88205
    • Gerald Bernard Chambers, LMFT 100367
    • Bruce Miles Chernack, LMFT 27085
    • Denise Cuellar, AMFT 106966
    • Jessica Anne Daly, AMFT 94918
    • Theresa Grace Forde, ASW 33290
    • Jorge Ivan Hernandez, LMFT 52255
    • Kirkland Huynh, ASW 64314
    • Isabelo Aguilar Leoncio, AMFT 73343
    • Steven Scott MacGregor, AMFT 80831
    • Janelle Ashly Martin, AMFT 106829
    • Kristen Lyn Mayberry, LCSW 23665
    • Saul Medina, ASW 83307 & LCSW 83308
    • Diana Carolina Montes, AMFT 78516
    • Kim C. Pagnozzi, AMFT 106965
    • James Scott Svoboda, AMFT 71685
    • Susan E. Swim, LMFT 40480
    • Mia Elizabeth Taylor, ASW 69287
    • James Deshawn Woods, AMFT 74999
    • Kristin Elizabeth Young, AMFT 75674