California Law and Ethics Examination

Important Information

  • The California Law and Ethics Examinations are administered by the testing vendor, Pearson Vue.
  • There is a separate Law and Ethics exam for EACH license type (LCSW, LMFT, and LPCC), and you must apply for each separately.
  • Exam must be TAKEN annually, until passed, to renew an Associate Registration.
  • Exam must be PASSED to receive a subsequent Associate Registration.
  • Exam must be PASSED to become fully licensed.
  • Your name on file with the Board must match the name on your current government issued photo ID. A middle name is not required and will not be used for entrance to the exam site. If the first, last, or suffix do not match, you will need to complete a Name Change request.


Testing Accommodations

Testing accommodations will be provided to qualifying candidates who have a disability, a medical condition, or when English is their second language (ESL). Accommodations will NOT be provided unless prior approval is obtained.

You may apply for accommodations prior to gaining eligibility to take an examination; however, the approved accommodation may not be valid for the entire exam eligibility period. It is recommended to apply when submitting your Initial Law and Ethics Exam Application or your Application for Licensure. If the accommodation expires prior to your approved exam eligibility end date, you will need to reapply for the accommodation.

Pearson Vue will provide an accommodation approval letter by e-mail with specific direction on how to schedule your exam with the approved accommodation. Do not schedule your exam until you receive notification of an approved accommodation.

To request ESL accommodations, you must submit the application and required documentation as indicated in the application below. Allow 90 days for processing.

All testing sites are physically accessible to individuals with disabilities, and certain types of comfort aids are allowed as listed on Pearson Vue’s website. All other accommodations for disabilities or medical conditions require pre-approval by Pearson Vue. For full details visit:

Apply for INITIAL Law and Ethics Exam

The California Law and Ethics Examination is different for EACH license type (LCSW, LMFT, and LPCC). You must apply and pay the fee for EACH exam separately.

If you are an Out-of-State applicant who is NOT applying for an Associate registration, your Application for Licensure must be approved by the Board to receive authorization to take the Law and Ethics Exam.  

Apply for Law and Ethics RE-EXAM

You may submit your Re-Exam application any time after attempting the exam. However, your eligibility will not be sent to Pearson Vue until the 90-day waiting period from your last exam attempt has elapsed.  


For exam questions or issues, click here to Message the Board and choose Exam Questions.